Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 12 Nov 2012


Present: Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Alan Dagger, Julian Back, Trevor Wells,

Apologies: Barry Gould

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 17 Oct were agreed and signed.


2.    The skate park project is on hold pending a decision on an alternative proposal which is being investigated.  Awaiting information from IB.

3.    The Awards for All grant applications was almost complete, but a few items were still needed.   This award is limited to £10k, which is not enough, even with the Parish Council contribution and £2k from our own funds.   On Hold                                                                                    Action DP

4.    A Ralph & Irma Sperring grant could cover the gap, but the application had not been started. On Hold

5.    The project plan, was almost complete.  On hold                                                     Action DP


6.    Undergrowth at back of clubiouse has been cleared.                                            Action ALL

7.    Playground

a.    Tiles around both swings cleaned.  Sealant when dry                                     Action ALL

8.    Toilet Roof .  AD to measure up for new UPVC barge boards.                              Action AD


9.    2 Games cancelled – too wet, but teams were OK with it. 

10. Clubhouse had been left with heating on, toilet light on, alarm not set, and back door not properly secured.

11. Grass Cutting  It was agreed to ask the PC to cut the whole field in Mar/Apr and Sept/Oct, and the area outside the boundary all season.                                                                      Action AD

12. Moles:  Still active.                                                                                                       


13.  Cheque book with DP. 

14. The petty cash held by DP now stands as follows:


Date paid/rec’d

Paid/Rec’d £

Balance £

Balance from Sept




Transfer from float box




VH account incl Bonus Club (see below)





15.  £29.50  passed from VH to DP with account (Football + crib income, less Bonus Club payout and bingo books). 

16. DP to check that Barry has the new cheque book.

17. The following items were still unaccounted for:

a.    Bingo takings: £243.

b.    CC dues 2010: £150

c.    CC contribution to mole catching: £125 + £55

d.    CC dues for 2011: £150

e.    CC contribution to Insurance 2011 (and possibly 2010?

f.     Fair takings:  £


18. The breakdown of the approx costs of insuring the building and equipment had just been received:

Building                       £520

Furniture & fittings       £13

Outdoor equipment      £15

However, we have been given a discount if we take all 3, making it £487.41 in total. Including the 3rd party (already paid), this gives a total of £665.41, a saving of £148 over last year.  It was decided to accept the quote and cheque no 432 was signed.                                                                    Action DP

Bonus Club

19. Winners were

a.     November – Vanessa & Ian Barnes and Julie and Simon Coe

Whist /CribDrive

20. The second crib night was less of a success – only 2 tables – but it was half term.








16 Nov

4 Jan

18 Jan

1 Feb

15 Feb












21. Raffle prizes required.                                                                                                  Action: All

22. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.

23. Booze to be replenished (cider & cans of bitter)                                                      Action: DP

Christmas Bingo

24. Cricket Club are not interested.  We will do it on our own. 

a.    Hall booked for 8 December.  (Post meeting note If anyone remembers what time we started last time please let us all know – I think we had 2 times – doors open and eyes down.  The hall was booked from 7pm)  It was agreed to make the evening in support of the skate park and to ask the young people to help.                                                                                             Action: VH

b.    Caller – ask FH – done

c.    Check the balls are all there - done

d.    Bar                                                                                                                              Action: DP

e.    Advertising 

i.      Frome papers, Parish Mag                                                                               Action: DP

ii.    Poster – to be sent out as A4 and 4 x A4                                                       Action: JB

f.     Prizes

i.      .Turkey voucher, Hamper                                                                                 Action: VH

ii.    Other – tell VH by 5 Dec what you have                                                        Action: All

g.    Tea Coffee                                                                                                                Action: VH

h.    Mulled Wine                                                                                                             Action: JB

i.      Mince Pies                                                                                                                Action: All

j.      Get Beer + wine                                                                                                       Action: DP

k.    Leaflet distribution in village agreed                                                                    Action: All


25. JB attended the first 2013 fair meeting , but no more.  Next meeting 4 Feb .

Health & Safety.

26. No new items in accident book.

Regular Items

27. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Oct.                                                                Action: VH

28. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

29. Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club, Whist Drive & Crib dates, Bingo (call for prizes / skate park fund raiser), thanks for fridge.                                                                                     Action DP

30. Check Monthly list of jobs: Nil

Any Other Business

31. In response to the Nov Parish Mag a fridge had been donated by Carol from Kilmersdon – many thanks.

32. Apparently Gloria has a Health & Wellbeing fund – VH had submitted.            

Date of next meetings   Mon 5 Dec at the pub at 7.30

and Mon 14 Jan at the rec at 7.30