DATE: 10th February 2005.  Commenced: 8.20pm Concluded: 8.50pm



Caroline Peat



Chris Cudmore (for Steve Anderson)

Parish Council


David Pattison



Dave Mears



Vicky Higgins



Anne Robson

Secretary         Elected


Kevin Garcia Perez





1.00Apologies for Absence: Jan Robson due to illness and Steve Anderson


2.00 Previous Minutes: These were agreed to be an accurate record and were signed by the Secretary and Treasurer.


3.00 Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:  There were no matters arising.


4.00 Chairman’s Report:


Legal Status: The Charity is established by Trust Deed dated 28 April 1980 whereby leasehold land of the recreation field and its pavilion are subject of a 21 year lease set up by Leigh on Mendip Parish Council on the one part and Oliver Reginald Moore and another for the other part.

The Charity Commission No is 279013-R.

Objects, Policies and Organisation: The Trust/Management Committee is established to manage the recreation field, its buildings and features for the benefit of the inhabitants of Leigh on Mendip without distinction of political, religious or other opinions with the object of improving the quality of life for the inhabitants.

The ground and its buildings are available for hire by any individual or organisation and it is intended that the charges be sufficient to meet the ordinary expenditure incurred in providing the facilities. Specific appeals, fund raising and grants fund significant improvements.

The Management Committee is elected or appointed on an annual basis, with offices being elected from the membership of the committee. The annual general meeting is usually held in January or February.



Club House:

There have been few works to the clubhouse apart from some essential repairs to gutters and rainwater pipes carried out by Dave Mears. The damage has been caused by children using the clubhouse as a football wall. JR has spoken to some of the young folks but it still occurs occasionally. The gutter to the front lobby is cracked and requires further attention by Dave when he has a moment.



The annual agreement with Somerset County Council for grass cutting and marking out of the soccer pitch free to the village continues. It has been noted that the agreement form did not materialise this year. SCC were considering issuing the agreement by e mail but nothing has happened so far. The agreement normally emerges about September time.


The main event of the year is the Leigh on Mendip Country Fair, which is becoming a significant contributor to our income. This year it is to be held on 18th June, not July.

The recently purchased benches have been treated with teak oil during the summertime.

Upkeep of the field is constant.  Thanks to Vicky Higgins for her work with her trusty strimmer. Thanks are also due to Gerald Jeanes for sponsoring the hedge cutting to the roadside hedge. Stewart James our local Parcel Force delivery driver has done sterling work strimming and mowing using the sit on mower. His efforts alone have provided us with the best manicured year yet in my view!! We would still like to see more folks helping and using the mower.


On the insurance front the saga continued from last year in that Norwich Union withdrew their cover when they realised we were not a cricket club!! Our broker got to work again and we are now insured with Royal Sun Alliance, renewal time is September.


The saga with the Parish Council including for the entire insurance premium in the precept goes on. My understanding with John Wright is that the council will probably help but have not included the whole premium within the precept. This is not as my reading of the minutes of their meetings. More work required here.



The annual safety check on the Playground gave a good report and small work items like providing covers to nuts has been done. Consideration may have to be given to a complete redecoration of the equipment at some stage. Bark peal chippings may need to be provided next summer. You will note in the file a couple of articles on recent case law on accidents on playgrounds where the pendulum is swinging in favour of playgrounds uin that children need to experience danger and not be surrounded in ‘cotton wool’.

Dave Jarvis continues to dig the bark chippings and Kevin McLoud sponsors his payment.


Fund Raising:

The two bonus clubs draw based on the National Lottery bonus ball continue, so there are now 98 participants, actually this year we have 99 as new  comers Simon and Nicki Coe at Clover Cottage  joined late, they have also won the first draw which hopefuly will be a pleasant surprise for them.. Our fund raising activities throughout the year include the ever popular Burns Night supper, which Vicky Higgins and friends organise so well. Although last year’s event went like a dream and we had almost sixty people in the hall this year has been a bit of a fight by all  concerned to get enough folks to come. In the end we had a creditable 52 or so.

As previously stated the Fete also provides funds.


Outside Lettings: The outside lettings of the ground, clubhouse and facilities have been the cricket, football and social club. We did have a regular adult Football team this year. Frome Town Boys use the pitch on Sunday afternoons and a team from The Griffin Inn use the field intermittently.  The Field was not used by the School for their Sports Day because of inclement weather.


Managing Committee Membership:

The members of the committee throughout the year and their appropriate appointing body are:

Jan Robson

Chairman Elected

Caroline Peat


Steve Willis

Cricket/Cricket Social Club



Geoff Casey / Steve Anderson

Parish Council



Dave Mears


Vicky Higgins


David Pattison


Anne Robson

Secretary, Elected


And Finally:

As has been minuted elsewhere both Anne and I are resigning from our positions as chairman and secretary and also from the committee. We have been on this committee for a grand total of thirteen years. David Yelland, Parish Council Chairman of the time, held a meeting on 28 January 1992 to re set up the management committee after it had become moribund around 1990. It has been a rewarding period when lots of things have been done and the field and buildings appear to be in good heart. There is plenty more to do such as ……… but that is for someone else!

I should like to thank all who have helped over the years particularly this present committee which has been constant for some years now. All have worked toward the common good and it has been a pleasure to work with you all. Thank you.


5.00 Treasurer’s Report

CP presented the attached accounts, which had been audited by Richard Blunden.


6.00 Election of Committee Members  In the constitution, the elected members resign at the AGM and five people are required to fill these positions, re-election is allowed. JR and AR did not stand for re-election.


AR proposed that DM, VH & CP continue as Committee Members and this was seconded by DP. VH proposed that DP be re-elected and this was seconded by CP. DP then proposed that VH be Chair of the Committee and this was seconded by CP. DP proposed that VH be Secretary and this was seconded by DM.


7.0    Close of Meeting: It was again minuted that the Cricket Club/Cricket Social did not have an active representative, who would be able to attend committee meetings and the meeting was then closed.


8.00 Distribution:       Parish Council +                                              Steve Willis (Cricket/Social)

                                    Vicky Higgins (Chair)                         Caroline Peat (Treasurer)                               Steve Anderson (Parish Council)                    Dave Mears (Elected)                                     David Pattison (Secretary)













Chairman: Jan Robson, White House, Leigh Street, Leigh on Mendip             01373 812 879

Secretary: Anne Robson, White House, Leigh Street, Leigh on Mendip                     812 879

Treasurer: Caroline Peat, The Dovecote, Leigh Street, Leigh on Mendip                   812 889


Charity Number:          279013 Leigh on Mendip Playing Field




Balances brought forward 1.1.04:

                                      Lloyds Bank                                      1436.67

                                      Stroud & Swindon Bldg Soc.              904.96

                                      Cash                                                      50.23         £2391.86



Football match fees 2004 Adult teams                                      515.00

                                          Frome Town Boys                           173.00

Cricket Club subscription 2004                                                150.00

Building Society Interest                                                               3.98

Parish Council Grant re Grounds Insurance                              300.00

Boat Parking Fee                                                                        40.00

Village Fete Insurance Contribution (2003 & 2004)                 100.00

Cricket Social Insurance Contribution                                      342.97           1624.95



Bonus Club Draw                                                                      970.00

Burns Night 24.01.04                                                                768.25

Village Fair profit share 2004                                                   250.00           1988.25




Maintenance & Expenses                                                          516.20

Insurance                                                                                 1371.89

Playground Inspection                                                                 35.25         (1923.34)


Fundraising Costs:

Bonus Club Draw         (Profit ~ £550.00)                               420.00

Burns Night                   (Profit 418.60)                                    349.65           (769.65)



Balances carried forward 31.12.04:

                                      Lloyds Bank                                      2326.07                  

                                      Stroud & Swindon Bldg Soc.              908.94

                                      Cash                                                      77.06         £3312.07


Presented to Annual General Meeting dated 10.02.05 and agreed: