HELD ON 30 April 2008 at  7.30pm    





Committee Members:


Vicky Higgins                                   Chair

David Pattison                                  Secretary      

                        Caroline Harris                                 Treasurer

                        Rose Martin                                     


Members of the Public:


                        Chris Cudmore                                Chairman of the Parish Council

                        Marsha Read                                   Parish Councillor

                        Julian Back                                       Bellringers

                        Graham Harris

                        Jan Robson


1.00Apologies for Absence Nil


2.00 Previous Minutes  The minutes of meeting held on 18 Apr 2007 were agreed to be accurate, and were signed. 


3.00 Matters Arising from Previous Minutes  There were no matters arising.


4.00 Chairman’s Report The report at the Appendix was read out, and discussed.


5.00 Treasurer’s Report  CH had presented the attached accounts for Jan to Dec 2007, which had been audited by Richard Blunden.  It was noted that the apparently substantial cash reserve was no longer present because projects had been paid for since December, and that other monies still held were also ring fenced for specific commitments.  CC queried the absence of commitments in the accounts and was reassured that the regular working accounts used by the committee for financial management did make commitments clear. It was agreed that the financial position is sound, and the accounts valid.  They were then signed.


6.00 Election of Committee Members/Trustees  In the new constitution (“scheme”), the elected members resign at the AGM.  The organisations listed in the new scheme nominate their representatives and others are elected at the AGM.  Re-election is allowed.


Nominated members:


The Parish Council nominated Rose Martin.

The Cricket Club were absent but had indicated that Steve Willis was their nomination.

The Memorial Hall Committee had made no nomination.

The Trustees of the Leigh-on-Mendip School Governors had made no nomination.

The Women’s Institute had made no nomination, but CH agreed to seek one.

The Parochial Church Council had made no nomination.

The Bell Ringers nominated Julian Back.


Elected Members:


Jan Robson proposed that Vicky Higgins and David Pattison be re-elected and this was seconded by David Pattison and they were duly elected.


7.0             As a new member, JB was given a copy of the Scheme and copies of the annual report and the annual accounts, and all members completed and signed the Register of Members.


8.00 Election of Officers  


DP proposed that VH be Chair and this was seconded by RM and agreed.


VH proposed that DP be Secretary and this was seconded by RM and agreed. 


No nominee for treasurer was available, and members agreed to seek a candidate.