Ode to Bryan Robert Johnson


The story of a landlord that must be told -

When he came to the Bell they exclaimed ‘so bold – so old’

but once firmly established as Leader and Chair

they were amazed by his strange charm and personal flair.

A pub that was in gloom and might possibly close

he revived from the ashes....like the phoenix she rose!

Walls down, doors off and the bar went out

All day builders working, (loudest noise is Bryan’s shout!)

After weeks of sawing and banging and dust

they thought he or Wadworths must surely go bust.

When the covers came off and the paint was dry

he’d produced a pub that you can’t walk by,

new carpets and curtains and lights – what a pub!

He even remembered the Chef for the grub!

The Yacht Club now berth to argue their news

(not always correct in BRJ’s views!)

He controls the bar with a rod of steel

Whistles and sings as the banknotes he  feels,

Customers say ‘‘no more Bryan, we’ve drunk our fill’’

‘’Wrong answer’’ says Bryan ‘’ Oh yes you will!’’

The late night drinkers he happily serves

And takes their money as he feel he deserves,

but considering the above, it’s become very plain

Both Wadworths and village have had a great gain!

Cheers Bryan!!!


By kind permission of Derek Robinson