In line with the government aims to improve the healthy lifestyle of the nation, Leigh on Mendip Parish Council has in recent years been improving access to its public footpaths.  This has involved regularly assessing the condition of every path, stile and gate and putting in place a maintenance programme.  This new and exciting village community project links a number of current village public paths to provide a much improved circular route within the parish that can be walked by all ages.

What were the aims of the project and how was it achieved?  Funding from the village precept has in recent years been used to address those stiles most in need of repair with a policy of replacement of stiles by kissing gates on public paths nearest to the village to encourage walking.  This additional project further enhanced this policy by improving a number of linked village pathways, creating clear routes for all to enjoy the beautiful Mendip countryside.   

What benefits does the project have for the local community? The completed route provides a focus for a walk that can be enjoyed by most of the community.  It is detailed on this village website and provides a social activity, benefiting health and providing the opportunity for more of the community to enjoy the local Mendip countryside.

Thanks are due to the following:

Somerset County Council – Community Access Fund 

Members of the Parish Council (especially Graham for a successful grant application, and Ty & Steve for helping Mike with the installations)

Mendip Masons, Wright Associates and The Bell for local business sponsorship

The support of the WI, Hall Committee and Recreation Field Committee

Most of all to the landowners & tenants who agreed to the kissing gates to be installed or improved the “friendliness” of their stiles.


Click here for map (with the route shown in red).

Start at the Recreation Field and proceed to the car park, cross the field behind the “Hedgerow”, passing behind the allotments and onto Stocks lane. 

At Stocks Lane turn left and cross Leigh Street onto the footpath to the left of Thrice Barn.  

Walking uphill, cross this field to a metal stile, turning right and following the hedge to the stile on Blacker’s Lane. 

Turn left and then immediately right. Take the stile shortly on your left.  

Cross this field (keeping to the right hand hedge) to an old stone stile, bear slightly to your right to the next kissing gate.  

Cross the field to the far right hand corner of the field, where there is a gate opposite onto the Tadhill Lane junction (to East End & Stoke). Do not go onto the road but turn back left along the top edge of the field to a kissing gate in the far corner. 

Cross straight ahead, directly to the gate with stile onto Blacker’s Lane. Turn right onto the lane. 

At the junction with the Old Wells Road pass through the kissing gate on your left. Go diagonally across this field towards a footpath gate in the hedge.  

Bear left to the far corner of the field. Over the stile and follow the footpath signs over more stiles behind Tadhill Farm. Finally take the stile to your left back down the hill towards the village. 

Cross this field down to the far right corner.  Climb over the stile by the gate and on to the stile before the footbridge. 

Carefully walk over the bridge and up to the five bar gate. Go straight up the path and onto Leigh Street. 

If you’ve timed it right The Bell may be open to quench your thirst!!    

Remember to respect the livestock and the farmers who own the land. 



If YOU see anyone who is not behaving responsibly please remind them of the “Countryside Code