What is Neighbourhood Watch ?

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators for Leigh on Mendip 

  • The Leigh-on-Mendip East Neighbourhood Watch runs east from Church Cottage to Soho Cottage and south to Great House Farm.  Co-ordinator is Joan Pattison at Church Cottage.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Central (East) Neighbourhood Watch  Co-ordinator is Edwina Davey.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Central Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Dave Mattick at Field View.
  • The Park Hayes & Apple Meadow View Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Martin Carter (Apple Meadow View).
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Central (West) Neighbourhood Watch  Co-ordinator is Vicki Taylor.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip West Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Ty Schlechter.
  • The Leigh-on-Mendip Townsend & Tadhill Neighbourhood Watch  Co-ordinator is Chris Cudmore at 2 Oak Leaf Court.
  • We need a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Bellfield. Contact Chris Cudmore for more information.

If you are not receiving alerts from one of these coordinators then you are not registered on a NHW scheme (and therefore unable to claim a discount on your home insurance!). To enquire about joining a NHW scheme either speak to one of the above co-ordinators,  ring Paul Johnson (Neighbourhood Watch Administrator) on 01278 649611.

If you are a member you receive relevant emails about crime and how to keep yourself and your property safe.

Help to keep your family and your neighbours safe.