Be a “Village Ranger”   

When moving around our village you will have noticed, from time to time, the need for some minor maintenance and other matters that need attention. Recent funding restrictions mean that help in attending to some of these works is not as readily available as it used to be. At present, many small jobs around the Parish are being taken care of by a very small number of volunteers, but we need more help to ensure that the village is always at its best in appearance and function. Some examples are:-

Maintain village name stones area (3)  Keep drains and grips clear
Trim back foliage over pavementsCheck salt bins  
Remove out of date adverts  Tidy telephone (notices) box  
Keep traffic signs clear of foliage  Paint telephone box
Adopt a FootpathHelp maintain the signposts  

If you care about our village and would like to ensure that the variety of little jobs that arise are dealt with promptly, then please volunteer to be a Parish Ranger. It would occasionally involve giving an hour or so of your time every few months on a voluntary basis. Even 2 or 3 hours a year would be welcomed by the community. The Parish Council will arrange insurance and provide tools and safety equipment as required. To volunteer please contact Chris Cudmore by email ( or phone 01373 813735.