If you have noticed an annoying pothole don’t just moan about it – report it!

Somerset Council rely on members of the public to report defects in the roads, they will then inspect it and arrange repairs.

Remember if someone makes a claim against the council we will all be paying for it through our Council Tax – prevent an accident and report it today.

About this service

As the Highway Authority Somerset Council have the responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the highway. They repair potholes and other defects on the road to ensure safe access for all road users and to maintain the structure of the road in accordance with the Highway Safety Inspection manual.

How do I use it?

When contacting Somerset Council, please provide the following information:

  • Your name and telephone number, in case they need to contact you
  • The location of the pothole or road defect including the road name and parish.
  • Is the pothole/defect outside a specific property

To report a pot hole and more information about the process click here.

Alternatively report a variety of problems on FixMyStreet (this generates a report to Somerset Council, but you will not be able to track progress)

What happens next?

When you report a pothole or road defect Somerset Council will inspect it within 3 working days and programme repair work, where it meets the crieria (see here).