Leigh-on-Mendip is a small village situated in the county of Somerset in the South West of England.
It lies some 600ft up on the Mendip Hills about 12 miles (20km) south of the city of Bath.


Latitude: 51°13′ 20″ W, Longitude: 2° 26’20” E.
UK Ordnance Survey Grid Reference ST693473

Post Codes (to find a specific house use Housefinder)
BA3 5GP – Apple Meadow View
BA3 5GU – Hornbeam Lane
BA3 5LX – Pinkacre
BA3 5QD – Ham Hill
BA3 5QE – Whitehole Hill
BA3 5QF – Stocks Lane
BA3 5QG – eastern end of the village
BA3 5QH – Bellfield
BA3 5QJ – Church Walk
BA3 5QL – Leigh Villas
BA3 5QN – Park Hayes  (excluding Apple Meadow View, BA3 5GP)
BA3 5QP – Leigh Street (western part),  including the Recreation Field
BA3 5QQ – Leigh Street (eastern part), including The Bell Inn and the First School
BA3 5QR – Pitten House
BA3 5QS – Townsend
BA3 5QT – Tadhill (Townsend Lane)
BA3 5QU – Tadhill (Blackers Lane)
BA3 5QW – Perrys Cottages
BA3 5QX – Tadhill (Old Wells Road)
BA3 5QY – Hollybush & Knapp Hill
BA3 5QZ – Great House
BA3 5RD – Soho
BA3 5RE – Dores Hill
BA3 5RQ – The Old Sawmills
BA3 5WG – The Meadows
BA11 3LR – ex-Duo, Old Wells Road