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House/AreaPage(s) House/AreaPage(s)
1 Soho Cottages25 The Laurels6
2 Soho Cottages25 Lavender Cottages6
Acorn Cottage1 Leigh Villas7
Acorn House1 Leyland13
Allotments3 Lilac Cottage6
Amboseli6 Linquenda7
Anenome1 The Lodge17
Apple Meadow View5 Long Cottage17
Auto Repair Co9 Mallow1
Badminton House1 Manor Farm1
The Barn, Manor Farm1 Marigold Cottage9
Baytree Cottage9 Mayfield19
The Bell Inn7 The Meadows1
Bellfield8 Melcombe View Farm25
Ben-My-Chree16 Memorial Hall8
Bluebell1 Mendip View13
Bramble Hedge2 Monmouth Cottage9
Brookfield10 Mulberry Cottage2
Burleigh Cottage1 Myrtle Cottages2
Button25 North Wing14
Cambridge House19 Oak Cottage1
Campion1 Oak Leaf Court19
The Chimes7 The Old Chapel6
Church Cottage9 The Old Malthouse1
Church Walk9 The Old Saw Mills10
Clearwood3 The Old Shop9
Cliveone4 The Old Vicarage11
Clove Cottage19 Owl Babies11
Clover Cottage2 Paddock View15
Comfrey1 Park Hayes5
Corner Cottage11 Park House5
The Cottage9 Perrys Cottages4
Cottage Garden9 Pilgrim Cottage9
Cowslip Cottage6 Pinkacre24
Cranmore Lodge14 Pitten House20
Crossways19 The Poppies2
Danecot7 The Post House4
Dores Hill Farm25 Pound Cottage2
The Dovecote2 Prescott6
DUO Manufacturing (previously)13 Primrose Cottage9
Ebenezer Chapel7 Primrose House2
Ellery Cottage7 Pump Track3
Examiner House9 The Quillet5
Failands16 Raglan3
Fairleigh House7 The Recreation Field3
Fern Cottage7 Remrosa3
Fernlea7 Rose Cottage2, 9
Field View6 Roundhill Cottage17
Fieldstones14 Savernake Cottage1
The Firs11 Sawmill Cottage9
Flying Teapot6 The School11
Fox Cottage6, 9 Selvans’ Wall4
Fox Hollow3 Shermoyne7
Foxglove1 The Shieling2
Gatcombe House1 Soho Cottage25
Gordale Cottage4 Soho Farm25
Great House Farm12 Sparks Farm6
Green Shutters26 Spring Cottages16
Greenways6 St Giles Church8
Grove Shute Farm18 Stanley Williams House5
Ham Farm22 Stoneleigh15
Haywards Cottage9 Sugar Bush Cottage11
The Hazels2 Tadhill Farm14
Hedge End2 Tadhill Farm Cottage14
The Hedgerow2 Tadhill House15
Herbert Dun House3 Tadhill House Farm14
High Hat7 TARMAC26
Highlands16 Terrace House7
Hillcrest16 Thornhills2
Hillscroft4 Thrice Barn1
Holly House2 Tower View7, 13, 15
Hollybush Barn12 Townsend Cottage19
Hollybush Barn Holiday Cottages12 Townsend Farm House1
Hollybush Cottage12 Townsend House19
Holmlea2 Treetops7
Honeysuckle Cottage9 Tweed Farm24
Hornbeam Lane18 Tweed Farm House24
The Hunters14 Two Gates21
Hurdlestone Lodge21 Vicki’s Place4
Island Cottage11 Virginia Cottage9
Ivy Cottage11 Wesleyan School6
Ivy Lodge2 West Cottage6
Jasmine Cottage7 Westleigh18
Kalynda2 White House3
Keepers Lodge2 Whitehole Farm23
KM Cast Stone1 Wind Rush13
Knaphill Cottage12 Witts End7
Knaphill Farm12 Yew Tree Cottage17
Lantern Cottage3 
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PostCodePage(s) PostCodePage(s)
BA3 5GP5 BA3 5QR20
BA3 5GU18 BA3 5QS19
BA3 5LX24 BA3 5QT17, 18
BA3 5LY24 BA3 5QU15, 16
BA3 5PZ5 BA3 5QW4
BA3 5QD22 BA3 5QX14
BA3 5QE21, 23 BA3 5QY12
BA3 5QF1 BA3 5QZ12
BA3 5QG11, 26 BA3 5RA3
BA3 5QH8 BA3 5RD25
BA3 5QJ9 BA3 5RE25
BA3 5QL7 BA3 5RQ10
BA3 5QN5 BA3 5WG1
BA3 5QP1, 2, 3, 4 BA11 3LR13
BA3 5QQ6, 7, 9, 11 
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